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Fifi is a standing fluffy toy white poodle and is a realistic soft plush toy.

Fifi measures 28cm/11? in height from the ground to the top of her head, 26cm/10? in length from the tip of her nose to her behind, and 12cm/4.5? in width.

Sometimes the white poodle is called the white French poodle from the idea that the Poodle hails from France, but the poodle was first bred in Germany. Their distinctive haircuts evolved from the days that they were used as hunting dogs. Hunters would strategically shear their hair, as too much wet fur would weigh them down, leaving some areas long to protect them from cold waters.

Beautiful gift for the poodle lover
Great mascot for this show dog
Great cuddly item and wonderful to stroke
Made using highest quality acrylic fur
Machine washable
Suitable for ages 3+