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Amelia is a crouching Siamese cat and is a realistic soft plush toy. This siamese cat is a seal point due to the cream body and dark brown points. Siamese cats have pale body and dark extremities as a temperature-sensitve enzyme, having the colour on the cooler parts of its body and stay pale on the warmer torso. Amelia measures 37cm/14.5? in length without tail or 52cm/20.5? with tail, 20cm/8? in height to the top of the head and 17cm/6.5? in width.

Beautiful gift for the Siamese cat lover
Good solid feel and wonderful to stroke
Perfect to lay on your bed as a ideal companion
We have a wonderful range of Siamese cats in different positions, a must have collection set
Made using highest quality acrylic fur
Machine washable
Suitable for ages 3+